The People

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The rugged mountains and lush farmland of the Great Western Tiers region form a stunning backdrop for what many consider to be the intellectual and cultural heartland of Tasmania. The unique blend of untamed wilderness set against the manicured softness of the dairy and crop farms that pepper the region hold special appeal to the myriad of artists, thinkers and gourmet producers who have settled in the valley.

Deloraine supports 10 religions with a population of just 2,500. You will find a Buddhist temple in Golden Valley and a Kingdom Hall across the road from the Mormon Church in Deloraine. The Mennonites chose the region over anywhere else in Australia because of its tolerant community.

The strength of this remarkable community can be felt while viewing the YARNS exhibit at the Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre in Deloraine. An extraordinary artwork in silk that took two-and-a-half years to complete and involved the contributions of around 300 local women, the project helped bind together disparate groups within the community as logging families and farmers worked side by side with conservationists to solve creative problems and tell the story of the region.

As you tour through the district you will hear many of these stories and have the opportunity to stop and meet some of the fascinating locals who are all part of the fabric that makes up this vibrant community.