Originals Only Night

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Do you have Original Music, Song, Poetry or Prose?
Would you like to perform your piece at Originals Only Night at Deloraine's Little Theatre on April 22nd? Here is a short blurb on the night.
Original’s Only Night, Deloraine’s Little Theatre, 22nd April 2017
Originals' Only Night is a presentation of by the Deloraine Dramatic Society and is the 19th event of this kind. Performers share their original works on the Little Theatre’s stage for an entertaining evening of instrumental works, bands, poetry, and song.
As a performer there is nothing quite like the feedback from on-stage, testing your work with a live audience. As a member of the audience you experience the treat of an evening where you’ll more than likely be moved by the skill, sound and courage of new artists presenting their original work.
Entry $8 at the door. Supper available during the evening.
Coordinator: Suz Haywood, 0409 695 200
It's Live !

Address: 2 Meander Valley Road, Deloraine
Phone: 0409695200
Hours: 7.00pm