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One notable historic building in Hadspen is the Red Feather Inn, a sandstone building that was one of the first coaching inns in Tasmania. It was built in 1844 by John Sprunt and is said to be haunted!

Entally House is a large country residence that was built in 1819 by Thomas Haycock Reiby, son of Thomas and Mary Reiby. The house and estate is a magnificent example of the rich, built heritage that exists between the townships of Hadpen, Carrick, Westbury and the connecting country lanes.

A range of accommodation options are readily available in Hadspen and the Hadspen Lions Park on the river bank is a great spot to have a picnic or simply relax and unwind. Call into the Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre for regional information.

Download the cycling podcast to learn more about the town: Hadspen podcast

Plan to double the size of Hadspen - March 2011
The Meander Valley Council has started designing the infrastructure needed to double the population of Hadspen over the next two decades. The council have appointed Melbourne-based consultant Geografia to create a 20 year blueprint for a new town design. Amenities to support a population of about 4000 will include health facilities, shopping and a school. The Plan will provide a 20 Year Blueprint for the sustainable development of Hadspen, taking into account the full range of community, economic and environmental considerations.

Hadspen ODP Website
A new website has been developed to inform the community of the project and provide an opportunity for additional input into the preparation of the Plan. To visit the website click the following link: http://www.hadspenplan.com/